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"No-Gluten .org" is a small group devoted to helping people. We do this in the hope that our experience and knowledge can ease the path for those who are trying to live without gluten. We have found, with our in-depth studies of all the physioligical, medical and biochemical aspects of gluten intolerance, that there are many supposedly main-stream organizations who don't quite "have it right". This results in organizations that are devoted to helping Gluten-Intolerant or Celiac Disease people, giving out bad advice. We are striving to provide solid, scientifically valid, information about gluten in foods and food ingredients.

Our founder was diagnosed with Celiac Disease late in life, and was subjected to various medical diagnostic procedures and medical experimentats by some, unfortunately, ignorant practitioners of the healing arts. One of these experiments resulted in creating a condition of hypersensitivity to gluten, and in creating a sensitivity to casein. This could have been avoided if the doctors had been keeping "up-to-date" on current medical knowledge . More good information in the hands of interested parties may prevent others from being subjected to these mis-treatments.