Food Technology

Food Technology is the collected science and wisdom regarding all manipulations of anything that we might consume as food. Simple recipes are food technology. But food technology also includes complex chemical processes taking place in factories. Much of food technology has evolved from all aspects of food processing, from the feedlot to the meat packer, from the shrimp ponds to the fish counter, from the field to the grocery store, from the crop to the cannery, all that impacts the nature of food is part of food technology.

Many new products and enhancements to existing products are created through food technologists working at universities and in many food processing companies. Everything from incredible new processing methods for making more realistic flavors to chemical processing of raw materials to make entirely new foods.

The Institute of Food Technologists
A gathering of tens of thousands of brilliant food technology experts takes place every year, sponsored by the IFT, one of the largest of professional societies. Technical information is shared in research papers throughout the year in their publications and presented in technical sessions at the annual meeting by the authors. The Institute has a fascinating website!

Institute of Food Technologists

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology